The design and construction of a structure is one matter, but what the interior will need to contain is of equal importance. The total package approach used by Deforche Construct doesn’t leave anything open to chance. For instance, there is only one contact point for the entire project. All techniques involved are thus worked out and coordinated by our own specialists and result in a suitable and fitting entirety in which all elements match one another perfectly.

Our package of services includes:

  • concrete and groundwork
  • heating installations, heat storage, CO2 systems, cooling and air-conditioning
  • energy supply through integrated solar panels
  • screen systems, shading/blackout systems, light screens, power/energy screens, insect screens
  • climate control, electrical systems, lighting
  • culture tables, roll containers, conveyors and internal transport systems
  • irrigation systems, fertilizing systems, disinfection, water storage


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