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A veritable and fully fledged garden centre is more than simply a greenhouse for trading. It is a complex whole consisting of commercial spaces, loading and stock areas, space for living plants, garden items and interior fittings/equipment. This is why when undertaking the implementation of your garden centre we look not only at the technical aspects but also at the economic, architectural and ergonomic entirety. For this, we ensure the implementation and use of all necessary techniques, the interior fittings and all required safety equipment.

We work in full accordance with your needs and wishes. Within our range you can choose between proven standard designs or personalised custom creations, where we translate your style into modern, rural, retro or even Victorian designs.

For your outdoor products we can recommend our Cabrio greenhouse or multi-ventilation greenhouse. As a result of this the quality of your outdoor products are no longer subject to negative climatic influences and sales are no longer dependent on the weather.

Garden centres



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