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Deforche - Living in a greenhouse

A greenhouse offers fantastic living environments that are protected against the rain, wind and snow. For this, we use new technologies such as photovoltaic solar energy made of (PV) cells and wind energy.

The living room grows and shrinks depending on the season. The comfort zone is expanded with the greenhouse in early spring. In the winter, it is reduced to the main building.

We aim at minimising the ecological footprint of the green house. The design aim of the main building is implementing optimum insulation to ensure that energy consumption is reduced significantly. This also leads to a net positive impact in the form of vegetables and fruit that may be supplemented with electricity generated from solar energy.

Living in a garden encourages residents to choose an environmentally aware lifestyle were environmentally polluting substances are avoided and recycling is important. The favourable greenhouse climate means that you can sow, plant and harvest. You can even grow plants from warmer climates.

We want to create buildings that are net suppliers of useful energy. To achieve this, we deploy new technologies such as photovoltaic solar energy made of (PV) cells, wind energy, etc. We like to combine these advanced technologies with simple solutions such as using the advantages of natural ventilation to the highest degree.

Nature as a source
The autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse through the eyes of  KASECO

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